Get Mixy in NYC With These Friday Night Happy Hour Cruises

It’s Friday night! You know what that means? You don’t? Oh…well it means it’s time to TURN UP! New York City is known for being the city that never sleeps, and it never sleeps cause it’s always down to party, no matter what day of the week. That being said, Friday and Saturday are still the leading contenders for party days. In our book, Friday takes the cake!

NYC is a city well known for its booming nightlife; so unique, with its abundance of options seemingly catering to every niche out there. The city is also much bigger than just Williamsburg and midtown manhattan, despite what movies and tv would like you to believe. There’s actually a whole other side of Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Not to mention another 3 boroughs, well….2 boroughs and a half, cause no one really counts Staten Island (jokes staten, you know we love you.)

There’s tons of parties, clubs, events, social gathers what have you in NYC, especially on Fridays. Name a niche, and somewhere, somehow, you’ll find a gathering in the city for that specific thing. Like cowhide skinned clothing? Well there’s a party in elmhurst where everybody has to wear that to get in. Love Rihanna? There’s a Rihanna-themed party going on right now in Dyckman playing every song off of each of her albums, and the room’s PACKED.

Remember that old ninja-zombie movie you use to watch repeatedly on vhs as a kid? There’s a theater in chinatown showing it every week, and not only that, every week people come dressed as the characters from the film. Then have meaningful discussions about the subtext of a zombie apocalypse-as-metaphor for humanities innate hatred towards itself, and how it’s a secret desire for many people to have an opportunity like a zombie apocalypse to hurt our fellow man without consequences.

Extended metaphors aside, the point is, New York’s unique and diverse occupancy makes it comfortable for many different niche groups to get together. It’s also the type of city where these niches are put outside their comfort zone and end up getting mixy with other, often totally opposite crowds. It’s sort of like a high school cafeteria, every clique has its own table. But unlike highschool, these cliques actually mix, and more frequently then you’d expect.

Had a long week? Are you trying to get mixy this friday in NYC? Then head to one of these Friday night happy hour party cruises and make some new friends while curing those after work blues!

Alive After Five Party Cruise & Rock The Yacht

Tired from a long day at work? Well wake up, we gots partying to do. Don’t head straight for the subway home, hop aboard the Hornblower Yacht at Pier 15 and get your swerve on. The Alive After Five Friday Happy Hour Cruise kicks things off on Fridays after the end of the work day.  This cruise takes you on a sightseeing tour of New York’s most famous monuments while blasting the latest hits, and throwback classics spun by the onboard DJ.

By the time the sun sets, the Hornblower Yacht is off the docks of Pier 15 again for the moonlight cruise Rock The Yacht Friday Night Party Cruise. Dance the night away as you sail across New York’s Harbor and get an absolutely gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline. Want open bar access? Purchase a “Walk The Plan” or “Fully Overboard”  tickets and upgrade your experience with topshelf refreshments all night long.

Friday Night Happy Hour Cruise the Skyport Marina

Head to the Skyport Marina for this Friday happy hour cruise. Get ready for a night of absolute debauchery and escapism as you mix and mingle with a bunch early weekenders! They’ll be dancing, drinks, and of course an absolutely impeccable view of New York City from the sea.

Friday Night Sunset Happy Hour Cruise on Serenity Yacht

A perfect way to end the workweek is on the Friday Night Sunset Happy Hour Cruise.The Serenity Yacht is a pure beauty. This spacious behemoth has not one, but two climate controlled decks, and is dressed in vibrant colorful LED lighting. A window lined interior guides you outside to the observation deck, where you can catch flicks that will surely make you the object of envy on all your followers instagram feeds.


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